In the Press Weekly class given by Rabbi Yosef Bogomilsky at Maplewood Jewish Center
click here to read January 25, 2018

Maplewood Jewish Center groundbreaking day
Click here to read January 4, 2018

Maplewood Jewish Center prepares to expand by Sharon Mark Cohen
Click here to read December 8, 2016

Maplewood Jewish Center Welcomes New Sefer Torah by Sharon Mark Cohen
click here to read 11/05/2015 NJ Jewish Link

Story on Mrs. Roth of Blessed memory
click here to read "My Shul- Mate Else z"l" by Sharon Mark Cohen

6/4/2015 New Jersey Jewish News
Lag Ba'omer Party-Pg 32

4/30/15 New Jersey Jewish News
Mini Chefs kids club Pesach edition - Pg 32

3/19/15 News Record
Purim in Paris- Page 18

3/19/15 News Record
Rabbi Manis Friedman Lecture- Page 11

3/5/15 New Jersey Jewish News
Kids Club Tu B'Shvat Mini Chefs- Pg 28

1/1/15 New Jersey Jewish News
MJC  Mini Chefs Kids Chanukah Club- Page 23

5/8/14 New Jersey Jewish News

Birthday Honoree- Isaac Ostrovsky Pg 31

5/1/14 News Record

Isaac Ostrovsky celebrates his 80th birthday with a lecture by Professor Steven Fine Pg 18

4/17/14 New Jersey Jewish News

"Ester in Wonderland" Purim party picture Pg 23

3/27/14 News Record

Maplewood Jewish Center celebrates Purim themed " Ester in Wonderland" Page 17

3/27/14 New Jersey Jewish News

Purim Parade for Kinder Gan students Page 37

3/20/14 News Record

Kinder Gan Preschool students enjoyed a fun Purim Parade Page 17

3/20/14 New Jersey Jewish News

Article on "Chabad faces challenges of far away places" featuring our own Frumie Bogomilsky Pg 12-13

2/6/14 New Jersey Jewish News

The Tu B'Shvat workshop, a picture of our kids, Page 28

1/30/14 New Jersey News Record

Pictures of or Tu B'Shvat Kids workshop, Page 10

12/12/13 New Jersey News Record

picture of the public menorah lighting page 11

12/12/13 New Jersey Jewish News

feature on the can menorah page 29

10/28/2010 New Jersey Jewish News

Jewish dance class reaches to unite body and soul 

09/25/2008 - New Jersey Jewish News

 Maplewood shul moves into new roomier digs,

12/28/2007 - Maplewood News Record
MAPLEWOOD, NJ - Maplewood joined communities nationwide that have made
life a little easier for its Orthodox Jewish community. On Dec. 21,
members of both local Orthodox synagogues helped unveil the first
"eruv" in Maplewood.

12/27/2007 - New Jersey Jewish News
Maplewood shuls mark erection of Shabbat boundary

06/07/2007 - New Jersey Jewish News
Maplewood synagogue celebrates first bar mitzvah in 30 years.

03/09/2006 - New Jersey Jewish News
South Orange Springs Shabbat Border Surprise


7:24 PM in New Brunswick, NJ
Shabbat Ends 8:25 PM
Friday, 23 August 2019

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