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Passover Stories
Other Articles in this section:
Great Passover Odyssey
Harriet Schranz - 4/1/2008

The Passover experience has become an annual routine in our family, as fixed as the planets in their orbits, as steady as the sun which never fails... 
Pesach in Siberia
Eliezer Naness - 4/1/2008

Just before Passover in 1938, I was summoned to the camp office. The commandant's aide informed me that my wife had sent a package containing warm... 
How Do You Eat Matzo with Chopsticks?
Mendel Bluming - 4/1/2008

On the way back to New York from China last year after Passover, I was questioned by a flight attendant in the Hong Kong Airport my reason for... 
To Save A Soul
Elchonon Lesches - 4/1/2008

I remember the seventh day of Passover that year as a stormy day, an ideal day to stay indoors. But the seventh day of Passover is when Lubavitcher... 
The Pope That Disappeared

In the ancient city of Mainz, there lived a young scholar named Rabbi Shimon Hagadol. He became renowned for his beautiful religious poems, known... 
And You Shall Tell Your Son

"No, I'm not a follower of the Rebbe," the scholarly looking man confided in me. "As a matter of fact I am the head of a Kollel (an intensive... 
Seder in Crimea

When we arrived at the airport in Kiev we ran to get all of our luggage before anyone else did. The porter told us to go on through, and we... 
The Power of Joy

It was the day before Passover and the Baal Shem Tov (the Besht) was in a happy mood as he and his disciples gathered for the ceremony of preparing... 
A Moscow Seder
Eliyahu Schusterman - 4/1/2008

As my plane started its descent into Moscow's Shermetyevo Dva airport and the snow covered city came into view, I began to think about my Russian... 
The Building Competition

When the construction of the new synagogue of the Belzer Rebbe, Reb Sholom, was well underway, the local gentile landowner decided that it was not... 
Passover Under the Nazis
Esther Altmann - 4/1/2008

On the Ninth of Av the First World War broke out. On its heels came WWII and the destruction of 6,000,000 of our brothers and sisters in Europe... 
For The Sake of Matza

Passover had almost arrived and in New Haven, Connecticut, a seder was being planned for Russian immigrants. Arrangements were made for a young... 
My First Passover
Susan Kornhaber - 4/1/2008

Friends who have known me for a long time know I have always been searching for more spiritual content in my daily life. Three years ago, through... 
Pesach in Iran

Rabbi J.J. Hecht, of blessed memory, was legendary for his unremitting, selfless activity on behalf of Jews both near his Brooklyn headquarters and... 
Childhood Memories

Pesach was fast approaching. By now, thank G-d, I knew many of the laws of Pesach orally and knew where to find them in the Shulchan Aruch. At the... 


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