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Preschool Weekly Newsletter

Check out a sample of our weekly newsletter:

 In this week’s Parsha (torah portion),  Parshat Lech Lecha we meet Avram (Abraham). As a small boy of three, Avram searched the world looking for it’s creator and caretaker. He thought at first the sun so powerful and warm must be it, but when at night the sun disappeared, he thought it might be the moon. However he abandoned that thought when the moon disappeared during the day. After observing the rhythms of the night and day, the seasons and all of nature’s laws, Avram realized there must be a higher power and intelligence that created the sun, moon and the rest of the world, and continues to watch over it. Hence Avram was the first person in his entire generation to recognize G-d. This was an extremely great thing as idol-worship was prevalent at that time.

          Avram and his wife Sarah dedicated their lives to Hashem’s service. Hashem asked Avram to leave his land, Ur in Mesopotamia, and travel to an unknown destination. (Lech Lecha=and you shall go). In complete faith they did so, and went with Hashem’d guidance to the land of Israel. Hashem promised Avram that from him will come a great nation. They will be as numerous as the Stars of the heaven and as the sand on the earth! Both are plentiful and impossible to count.  Both start with the letter S and was part of our weekly craft.

          Our theme of travel is connected to this Parsha. We have been very busy discussing travel, or moving from one place to another. Transportation is how we travel. We talked about different speeds of travel and how some modes get us places faster. We loved using the tires from our mini vehicles to paint track patterns on our suit cases.  We sorted through various pictures separating vehicles of transportation by land, water and air. Who knew there were so many ways to get around?

                  The letter S took center stage this week. We loved that it came together with the topic of our suitcases that we packed for our travels.

        We are also almost finished creating our water cycle diorama necklaces, we know very well where rain comes from. We loved our experiment that helped us better understand how water evaporates - would you know there was lots of Steam. (again S). Of course the hot Sun is an important part of this cycle.

Lastly what fun it was to relax to symphony music during our naptimes. Of course that too starts with S!


Shabbat shalom

Morahs Frumie, Rochel and Blumie



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